Introducing InnoTAD

Green Auto Revolution

Our World needs Cleaner and Greener modes of transport. But major Challenges in automobiles industry.Incomplete fuel combustion Emission/ Black smoke pollutants High Fuel Consumption

Innovation in automobiles

In contract, drivers look for improved performance, higher horsepower, which often associate with automobiles that are higher in Emission/Pollutants. Perception for any Green Innovation in automobiles is often viewed as compromising performance.

Emission Reducer

Introducing our 1st of its kind in the world patented device, the InnoTAD Emission Reducer, iER, (Fuel Reducer) that is able to resolve all these issues. It can achieve up to 99% emission pollutants reduction. Up to 40% fuel-saving, and it can be an engine cleaner suitable for automobiles, marines and aircraft engines.

How IT works

Introduction of InnoTad

That is able to resolve all these issues.

It can achieve up to 99% emission pollutants reduction.

Up to 40% fuel-saving, and it can be an engine cleaner suitable for automobiles, marines and aircraft engines.

iER will produce unique Charged airs and flow into engine combustion Chamber. These charged airs will enable a 


engine burning. 

Rapid Combustion

will increase power output and hence could cover longer distance, and hence achieve significant fuel saving.

FULLER combustion     

will enable fuel to burn completely and resulting in drastic reduction in emission pollutants, such as CO for Petrol and NOx for Diesel vehicles. It will then contribute to greener environment.

If you look at the flow chart illustration that starts with old engine, Rapid Combustion could mean that originally the fuel could get burnt in 0.5s, but with iER, it is now brunt in 0.4s, 20% faster. This faster burning could mean better power, and the car could cover more distance, equivalent to almost 20% in fuel-saving!

Before installing iER, there is always incomplete fuel combustion, resulting in high CO (petrol cars) and NOx (diesel cars) pollutants. However, iER enables more complete and fuller combustion, resulting in much cleaner burning and lesser emission pollutants. This results in more efficient engine with less noise.

It saves money from up to 40% fuel-saving, and especially higher % for older vehicles due to engine cleaning nature that restore the old car engine efficiency.

It is Easy and convenient to boost power, lower maintenance costs.

Very importantly, your car can achieve up to 99% emission pollutants reduction, contributing to Greener environment and doing your part to fight climate change!

Product certification is extremely important. iER had obtained clearance from Singapore Land Transport Authority,  as non-engine modification installation, and National Environmental Agency for no environmental pollutions impact.

Emission and performance are tested in Vicom Emission Test Lab and by TUV.

What we had launched was just early stage and performance will be further improved by our R&D team. You can expect even better products in months to come! All aiming in better emission, fuel-saving, design simplicity and smaller size.

InnoTAD’s iER is a world 1st breakthrough! It will indeed reduce emission pollutants, and lower fuel- saving to achieve more efficient vehicles and fight against climate change.

last but not least, iER investment return can be up to 1000% due to its expected long lifetime. Consult your workshop and agent. Install iER today!

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