About us

About InnoTAD

InnoTAD strives to create greener and safer environment by making more EFFICIENT automobiles through compelling technologies.

InnoTAD gets involve in intensive R&D for series of innovative solutions and the innoTAD Emission Reducer, iER (Fuel Reduer), is the:

 –  Patented product
 –  1st of its kind in the world 
with the capability to effectively improve the automobiles in fuel, noise, power, engine, emission and pollution.

2013, 2015 – InnoTAD Group establishment in Singapore and Hong Kong
2016/2017 – Technology leadership establishment

InnoTAD Emission Reducer, iER is suitable for Petrol, Diesel, CNG/LPG automobiles.

It is one of the ready solutions in Emission & Pollutants reduction for used cars as well as new cars!


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